PointPay - Crypto EcoSystem for 7 Billion People



  • PointPay.io platform started
  • Blockchain listener for transactions completed
  • Common ecosystem infrastructure plan created
  • Main site created
  • PointPay whitepaper, one-pager, pitch deck created
  • PointPay is added to major rating agencies lists
  • PointPay promotional video created
  • Authentication form created
  • Community of supporters created
  • Token sale form created
  • All social media accounts created
  • Announcement in social media made
  • PointPay Live Roadmap created
  • Unified registration infrastructure completed
  • PointPay Crypto Exchange launched
  • PointPay Crypto Wallet launched
  • PointPay Blockchain-based bank launched
  • PointPay is elected the best blockchain start-up 2019 at Blockchain Life
  • PointPay token (PXP) integrated into Bank, Exchange and Wallet
  • PointPay Payment System with buy option launched
  • Sell option added to PointPay Payment System
  • Payment System connected to Bank, Exchange and Wallet
  • MoonPay, Indacoin, Mercuryo with worldwide debit and credit card coverage integrated into PointPay Payment System
  • Home pages are added to all products
  • PointPay Crypto School created
  • One-click instant transfers between all the products implemented
  • Release of mobile banking applications for Android and iOS
  • Markets overview integrated into PointPay Crypto Exchange
  • Lower transaction fees on a progressive scale for PointPay (PXP) token holders within the whole ecosystem implemented
  • PointPay complies with PCI DSS
  • Discounts to PXP token holders for internal transfers within the ecosystem
  • Launch of PointPay CryptoLoan module
  • Adding sell function to PointPay Payment System
  • Adding Exchange to mobile crypto banking applications
  • Adding loan module to mobile crypto banking applications
  • SEPA payments accessible for PointPay customers
  • VISA crypto debit card available for order at PointPay
  • Sending the funds to unregistered users via email (‘PointPay me!’ function on Bank)
  • Withdrawals in fiat to debit and credit cards via PointPay Payment System
  • Increasing of trading pairs on the Exchange
  • SEO optimization of all products
  • Invoice system on PointPay Bank
  • Creation of PointPay blog
  • International Banking License Application started
  • Login via QR-code feature deployed to the PointPay website
  • PNL analysis on apps and website
  • New countdown released on the website, iOS and Android app
  • Increased site's speed and performance
  • Added instructions for withdrawals on Bank, Wallet and Exchange
  • Advanced transaction history on Android and iOS apps created
  • Innovative PointPay platform released
  • Notifications added on Bank, Wallet, Exchange, Payment System and main page
  • Total balance tab added to PointPay Bank, Exchange, Wallet, Payment System
  • Crypto invoices added in PointPay Banking app for iOS
  • Notification for receiving crypto added at PointPay Payment System
  • Local currency equivalent added on the 'Balance', 'Send' and 'More' screens at PointPay Banking App for iOS
  • Synchronization for default currency between iOS and Android apps as well as website implemented
  • Backend for one-click internal transfers on the website is ready
  • Backend for implementation GraphQL technology for displaying balances from Bank, Exchange and Wallet is ready for PointPay Banking App for iOS
  • Login via QR-code feature deployed to the PointPay website
  • Local languages added for automatic notifications via email
  • Raised up node for BNB coin
  • Hungarian Forint (HUF), Armenian Drams (AMD), Moldovan Leu (MDL) integrated in PointPay Payment System
  • Login via QR-code is available on PointPay Banking App for Android and iOS
  • Balance of PointPay Bank, Exchange and Wallet is available on the Balance screen in PointPay Banking App for Android and iOS
  • One line Profit & Loss analysis on PointPay is released for web version of the PointPay platform
  • Released total balances of all PointPay products for Android crypto banking app
  • Binance coin (BNB) integrated into the web version of PointPay Bank, PointPay Exchange, PointPay Wallet and PointPay Banking apps for iOS & Android
  • Released new payment system with technical capability to choose payment partners
  • Transfers between all products added in Android app
  • One-click transfers added
  • Security feature added: protected time after password change
  • 2FA security feature via email and Google Authenticator in app
  • PXP staking program launched
  • PXP token listed on Bithumb Global exchange
  • Full-featured PNL analysis added for iOS (v6.0.0)
  • Integration of SWIFT payments
  • Added an ability to list other projects and tokens on the platform
  • Integration of ACH Payments
  • Added fiat/crypto payment service — Simplex
  • Release of Advanced Exchange
  • PXP token listed on the Bittrex exchange
  • PXP token listed on the Bitrue exchange
  • PXP token listed on the Whitebit exchange
  • Release of the redesigned Classic Exchange
  • Integration of KYC procedures
  • Aggressive promotion of PointPay on all the markets worldwide
  • Integration of virtual crypto debit card to PointPay app
  • NFT Partnerships
  • Start Launchpad
  • API Exchange
  • API Bank
  • API Wallet
  • Margin trading implementation
  • Options trading
  • Futures trading implementation
  • International Banking License granted
  • Forex License granted
  • Full ecosystem completed