PointPay ICO
Dear Community!

Livecoin exchange is conducting token sale of PointPay token (PXP) on February 25, 2020. PointPay token is the core of our cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The PXP token has already been implemented into the PointPay Crypto Exchange. It provides our users the option of dynamically reducing commissions while trading. PXP token is also implemented in the PointPay Crypto Bank, where token holders receive an increased interest rate on checking and savings accounts in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum and PointPay Token). Quite soon we will integrate PXP token into PointPay Crypto Wallet and PointPay Payment System.

You have a unique chance to receive pleasant bonuses that we have prepared for our users, depending on the amount of tokens purchased on the Livecoin exchange or in PointPay Crypto Wallet. Please note that each subsequent level includes bonuses of all the previous levels.

Buy tokens via PointPay Wallet and RECEIVE HIGH VOLUME bonuses!

High volume bonuses

each next level includes bonus advantages of all the previous ones.
$2,000+ PXP tokens
Premium video tutorials
$50,000+ PXP tokens
Reduced trading fees
$100,000+ PXP tokens
Priority customer support
$250,000+ PXP tokens
VIP status
$500,000+ PXP tokens
Concierge service
$1,000,000+ PXP tokens
Custom trading consulting
Buy crypto
Conducts Token Sale of PointPay Token (PXP)
STARTS on February, 25
  • PointPay premium video tutorials for beginners explain in simple words the trading functionality, methods of earning and profitable trading;
  • Reduced trading fees are provided for trading operations inside the platform when buying and selling cryptocurrency;
  • Priority customer support is an around-the-clock customer support on any issues;
  • VIP status is a special status that provides a secret set of options and privileges for users;
  • Personal manager is your assistant who is ready to answer all your questions regarding PointPay Ecosystem;
  • Custom trading consulting provides you a professional crypto trader who is your part-time assistant while trading.

We are glad to remind you that everyone can already get 300 PXP tokens on the PointPay Crypto Exchange to cover trading fees by subscribing to the social networks of our project.

This is the last chance to buy PointPay tokens at the best possible price. The number of tokens is strictly limited!